Creating my own character

Directions: “Create a character covering all aspects of them. Write about a paragraph of backstory, cover their appearance, personality, likes, dislikes, and what their place is in their world. “

Behind the Story: This character I had been working on prior to the assignment. This assignment helped give me a structure or format I could use when coming up with this character. All of this was based on a challenge I had with my girlfriend. I will go more into detail when I narrate my process.

Backstory: Le Fuchia Chil is a woman in her early 20s. Born in the ’80s she’s had a large number of influences when it comes to her development. She is a member of a family of five plus a pet snake. Le Fuchia has wanted to be a famous clothes designer since she was young. She has also stood out from the rest of friends. When she is not busy designing she’s online looking for inspiration or replying to her “fans” comments.

Appearance: Standing at a height of 6′ 1″and as thin as a churro, Le Fuchia is constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion by frequently wearing outfits of her own design. She likes to wear tunnels, a septum ring, and two sets of false eye brows. Shaved head.

Personality: Extrovert, off putting, arrogant, Pescetarian

Likes: Fashion, piercings, plants, nature, sports, animals

Dislikes: Being wrong, vegetables, chores, responsibilities, pollution, public transportation

Occupation: Le Fuchia is a verified influencer on Blundlr, though not popular for the right reasons. Viewers would say “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing her outfits.”

Narrating the Process: This character came entirely from a challenge I had with my girlfriend. Based on this post from Reddit, I challenged my girlfriend in seeing who could create the better Seth McFarlane Show family/cast. Le Fuchia Chil is based off of the Rebellious/different teenage daughter. Although Le Fuchia is not a teenager I thought should would still fit the criteria because I do not believe Hayley from American Dad is a teenager either. Her background, appearance, and other information is all based on the character drawing I did on a sheet of paper. I decided upon the likes, dislikes, and personality based on people I know. Each section was based on a different person to try and make the character as different as possible without trying too hard.

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