A Tattoo that represents me

Directions: ” Create a tattoo that can represent your personality type. Tell us about your tattooo, and what does it means to you. If there is any thing supersticious about your tattoo, share it with us. You can hand design your own unique tattoo on a plane paper, or you can use any photo editing software to design your tattoo. Once you design your own unique tattoo, make mutiple copies of that, and add different color effects to each copy. Each Color is unique, and can depict different mood. Use different effects and colors to represent the mood of your tattoo. Finally, make a collage of all the copies of tattoo you edit, and save it as jpg or png. “

Behind the Story: I enjoy machinery and space. My girlfriend enjoys nature, especially house plants. For my tattoo I combined the two together to represent our worlds coming together into one. A little cheesy but if I were to ever get a tattoo I would like to incorporate both of our interests as a memento.

Narrating the Process: When creating this tattoo I asked my girlfriend for guidance for the style and color choices. Using pencil and paper I drew the 50s era rocket ship to showcase my love for space and I drew some of the plants my girlfriend has hanging up in our house. Once I had the tattoo draw the next piece was colors. For the rocket ship I used several different grays both to show value and to contrast the surrounding plants. To continue the theme of contrast I gave the plants bright colors that weren’t necessarily local colors but rather colors that would pop out. This is due to the fact that if this were to become a tattoo there would need to bright colors, both to add interest and to keep each piece separated from the others.

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