1980s Radio Commercial

Directions: ” Create a 30-45 second radio commercial for a product from the 80’s. Add in some background music and/or sound effects to make it sound like a real radio commercial. “

Behind the Story: This assignment was heavily guided by my girlfriend’s love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I thought it was fun and thankfully wasn’t too difficult since I had never edited audio files before.

Narrating the Process: Step 1 for creating this commercial was to write a script. I did not want to record myself without having an idea on what to say. Once I had a script written, I had sections where sound effects would be added, I went to freesound.org in order to find some background music and sound effects. It was a little difficult finding the right ones that I felt fit the commercial but hopefully people agree I made good sound choices. Step three was to record my lines. I used a gaming headset as my microphone because I had learned from previous projects a few years ago that it recorded good audio. For fun I had my girlfriend record some audio as well, you can hear her in the back yelling “Not the foot!” Step four, put all the audio together. I used Audacity as my audio software since it was free and after a short YouTube tutorial I got quite familiar with its mechanics. I cut pieces off and stitched together others and what did I get, a complete radio commercial that I am quite proud of. I never would have guessed I could have created audio of this quality.

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