My first (and awful) attempt at creating music

Directions: “Make a sick beat, using whatever you can find on, and whatever you can record around you! I don’t care how long it is, just get groovy dood.”

Behind the Story: I have never created music before so this was a completely new experience to me. In my honest opinion… this sounds horrible. I accidently took the assignment literally and make a sound that may cause people to feel ill. Oh well, I still had fun.

Narrating the Process: Unfortunately for anyone reading this, I did not have much of a process. My song was inspired by dubstep/electronic music and attempted a drop…. but failed miserable. I do not blame the software I was using, edited with Audacity and sounds from, but rather my lack of experience using such software. I learned how to use it in about a week and went from there. For the song I found sounds that I thought sounded interesting and hoped they sounded good once put together. One thing I think I did do well was deciding at what level of volume each sound was at. I tried to avoid too much happening at once that the listener could not pick apart each sound individually. Overall however I mostly took sounds, put them all together, and hoped they would create a miracle. This assignment has shown me that if I were to ever consider making music I have a lot to learn. Watching a music making tutorial would have most likely increased the quality of the song but there’s no turning back now.

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