Possibly the worst hero ever created

Directions: ” You have told us all about your superhero so now it is time to design your superhero! What does he/she look like? Use http://www.heromachine.com/heromachine-3-lab/  or https://www.dckids.com/dc-super-friends/htmlgame/name/super-hero-me to design yours. Write a post to explain why you chose the costume design that you did. “

Behind the Story: For this hero I decided to make the weirdest combinations possible while using heromachine.com. Process was very straight forward. Added a ball python as a personal touch because my girlfriend has one.

Narrating the Process: I am not quite sure how to narrate the process for this assignment. The way heromachine.com works is you build the hero/heroine from scratch one step at a time. I went piece by piece from head, torso, arms, and legs, to clothes, accessories, and companions. I went with a pale boa on his arm because my girlfriend has a banana ball python and thought it would add a bit of a personal touch. When it comes to powers he can fly with his jetpack but other than that he is entirely limited to his physical capabilities. Couldn’t decide on a name for him so I leave that up to the readers.

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