The life of Lisa Hoffman

Behind the Story: For this assignment we were tasked with creating a mini-documentary about someone from our community who was not a close friend or a relative. With that in mind I chose to work with Lisa Hoffman, the manager of a local hospitality home. I chose Lisa for this assignment because our school has worked with the hospitality home from a previous project and I had already met her. Originally I was not sure what kind of information I’d get for this assignment but I believe it turned out great.

Narrating the Process: This assignment took a lot of time and effort to complete. The first thing I had to do was contact Lisa to see if she was interested in working with me for the documentary. After I had received her response saying she’d be glad to help I had to schedule a time to meet with her. This part was a little difficult due to her work schedule compared to the times I was either in class or at work myself. We set a time and date and I made sure I’d have all the proper equipment for the job. I borrowed my mom’s camcorder in order to record the video. My teacher suggested using a separate device for audio because typically camera microphones aren’t the best. For this I went to Target and bought a pocket audio recorder. With all the equipment ready I then had to prepare some questions for the interview. In total I had fifteen questions. On the day of the interview I set up my camera and placed the audio recorder on her desk. I filmed about 30 minutes worth of content. A majority of it was the interview but I also recorder her working to add to the video. After we had finished recording the next step was to cut the content down to two to three minutes. This part was fairly easy after I re-watched the recording and created a timeline on what I wanted in the final video. From here I needed to choice which software to use for the video editing. I chose to use Davinci Resolve 16 due to it being free and having all the tools I needed. With Davinci Resolve I was able to separate the camera’s audio from the video and instead use the audio from the recorder. One problem I ran into was the original video and audio file types were not compatible with Resolve but once I converted them into mp3, mp4 then the rest was smooth sailing. I cut all the pieces out that I didn’t need, stitched the remaining pieces together in an order that made sense, and added photos that Lisa provided along with background music from The final step was to upload it to YouTube, create this blog post for the assignment, and share it with my teacher. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and might do something similar for the final. All I know is it’s fun to play with a camera.

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