Too much ’80s

Directions: “Tell a story using five photos. Basically, that’s it. Figure out the story you want to tell and then take five photos to tell it. If you need to edit, add filters, etc. in order to get the effect you want, go for it. “

Behind the Story: I chose this assignment because I wanted to get more experienced with the new camera my mom had received for Christmas. I do not know which model it is but I do know it’s a Canon that cost about $450.00. When it came to the story, it had to revolve around the ’80s to fit my class’s theme. I got the idea for the “’80s” sauce while I was making my burger for lunch. My girlfriend came up with the idea that after consuming too much of the ’80s that I would turn into someone from the ’80s. We based my transformation off of Andrew Clark from The Breakfast Club.

Narrating the Process: The first step was to determine what exactly was going to happen within the five frame limit. With the help of my girlfriend, we decided that I would 1. add some ’80s sauce, 2. taste the burger, 3. add too much sauce, 4. take the bite of no return, 5. and finally I would be overwhelmed with the ’80s somehow. While I was posing for the pictures I had my girlfriend in charge of the camera. In total she took about 42 photos, that way we had some options to choose from. We tried a couple different ideas for each shot and would later decide which fit the best together. For the most part the first four shots were fairly similar. The biggest difference was in the third shot I was supposed to appear to be overcome with the need for more ’80s sauce. The most difficult photo to choose was the final frame. We tried multiple expressions I could possibly have after consuming too much sauce. We tried shocked, indifferent, overwhelmed, and cool. We decided on the cool photo to showcase both how we were having fun with the assignment and how the ’80s was a fun period in history.

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