Slime Eastwood

Directions: ” Eastwood ain’t interested in your strange behavior. What’s got’em so upset? Use this transparent GIF and add your own atrocity. “

Behind the Story: I knew what GIFs were but I had never worked with them before. I had neither created a GIF nor had I edited a published one. This assignment was a real learning experience for me. To fit my class’s theme of the ’80s I decided to find a GIF from one of my favorite movies, Ghostbusters. With the context of Clint Eastwood being unhappy about something I chose the scene where Peter Venkman gets slimed by Slimer.

Narrating the Process: The very first thing I did for this assignment was to look up the best way to combine GIFs. The most common reply I found was to use Adobe Photoshop. I ended up looking up a video on how to combine GIFs on YouTube because I had no idea where to start. Thanks to this video I figured out how to get both the GIFs to line up properly, and how to move them across the canvas without having to edit each frame individually. With this I had to decide which frames I wanted to include in the GIF. The Ghostbusters GIF was only 17 frames so I used the whole thing. The Clint Eastwood GIF however was over 90 frames which gave me a lot to choose from. The section I picked I felt best suited the scene because the character did not look pleased and he appeared to be looking back at the GIF playing behind him. Once I had the frames selected I had to choose how to compose the GIF. I decided to have Bill Murray towards the left both to show his face and for the caption to be displayed. For Clint Eastwood I put him in the bottom right corner to make him almost make eye contact with the Bill Murray GIF.

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